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Minecraft Void Launcher Cracked 51


Download: https://ssurll.com/2k4691


An issue has occurred with the launcher where if the user names the mods and the launcher crash, the mods will be deleted in order to avoid this issue. If the Mods have been renamed (using the Load Mod tool), rename the mods back to the originals in the mods/ folder and then launch the Launcher. The issue should be resolved from this. I may make a video to further explain my thought process, but only if many people request it! If you have a mod that you wish to be added to the launcher, please post the mod name and all necessary information in the comments below or contact me directly via Twitter or Discord. Mods which are included on the mod database are not required to be added to the launcher. This mod will NOT be updated after the launch of Mojang’s Forge Update. Mods included in this Launcher (collections) will NOT be included in the Mod Database. Mod files Mod file format The mod files are for Vanilla 1.8.9 No mods required for this launcher. (Found here) Changelog Appreciate the mod community for their support by reaching out on Twitter! Change log The mod doesn't require Forge to function. Forge Mod Compatibility: Forge Version 1.7.2 and above Version 1.7.1 and below Videos - Check out the mod from the Creator - Please do NOT upload this mod to any other websites. The mod is also on ModDB under the name of Rich1051414. Please note that any issues with the launcher or mods added by this mod will not be taken into account by the Creator, and will be reported as a bug in the Mojang's bug tracker. Minecraft Forge v1.8.9.4 Changelog minecraft.exe v1.8.9.4 Changes:




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Minecraft Void Launcher Cracked 51

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